Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I wish Sarah Palin Was My Mother

I wish Sarah Palin was my mother. In saying that, let me say that I have a mother and I love her dearly. What I wish for is to have Sarah Palin seen as the kind of woman that represents American Motherhood.

I want Sarah to be my mother because she is the kind of woman that mothered America.. She is strong and brave. She is the kind of woman that landed on the shores of America--an immigrant in a new land.

She is self-reliant. She has the spirit of the pioneer women who crossed the plains. She is the farm wife and ranch woman who raised up generations of Americans. She can provide for her family and she loves her family. She loves Alaska and she loves America.

She is intelligent. She is at a level in public service and politics that is not reached by someone of even average intelligence. Like a good mother, she is very provincial, for a good mother would be concerned with what is closest to her. So if Sarah Palin is a little naïve about some of the issues, then yes it is because she is the governor of a state that is far away. And this is why she is a good mother-- and a good leader. She cares about those people who are closest to her and believes in making changes at the local level; ideas that are missing in Washington, DC.

What has been hardest for me to understand is those who are her detractors. In the first part of the 21st Century we place a high amount of hope in diversity. We are told that diversity will bring us all together to solve the problems we face. This is why the country elected President Obama. Yet here is Sarah Palin, as diverse as you can get from say, my loving mother, yet both are alike in the love they have for their children, community and country.

What does Sarah Palin have to bring to the table? I know she will bring a warm and hearty breakfast to the table. She will bring a nutritious meal that will give us the energy and brain food we need to solve our problems. If we talk with her in a positive way, she will respond, she will listen--for all good mothers are good listeners. And we will always be honest with her because mothers always know when we lie.

Most importantly she will remind us of the importance of self-reliance, for this is truly the American dream to raise a family with your own good work, to have a home and a car and to know that you have not mortgaged the future for self gratification now.

Sarah Palin is an American woman and she has something to say. She is a good mother and we, like good sons and daughters, should listen.

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  1. The almighty most fulfill your dream as you wish to be son of Sarah Palin the ideal woman in America.
    What type of credentials in Sarah Palin, you have described is full of chastity and quite necessary to be an ideal mother in any proportion of world and I ,too, would like to be son of Sarah Palin.