Thursday, April 2, 2009

The American Period and The New Culture

I am a student of English Literature. I view history within literary and artistic periods and I tend to look at how literature shapes history. We place divisions on history and literature, such as the Hellenistic, Elizabethan and Modern Era. The culture of America has been greatly formed by these three time periods and, by extension, the whole world.

It was in these times that the foundation of Western culture was created. The Athenian democracy, Shakespeare and the rise of America as a world power all fall within these historical and artistic literary periods.

With the election of President Obama, America is starting a new historical, cultural period.

President Obama is a child of the West and a son of Africa and studied in Islam. For the first time in America we have a leader who will also look to the East. Western thought will be viewed differently in this new culture. And not always in a positive way. Perhaps it is time to look forward to a new world view--I however will be here to defend the West. Because I believe in the ideals of Western Culture--democracy, freedom and a free market economy. And I know that when the dust settles that America will be a better country if we hold to these ideals. This will be the American Period. God Bless America.

One voice of the American Period and The New Culture

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