Saturday, September 26, 2009

Deconstructing Western Thought

Western Thought, of course, is filled with a deep diversity of ideas, beliefs and dogmas but there are three main areas of concern--Law, Humanity and Economy. You may ask, what about art and science, life and death, law and disorder, love and hate, planting and harvesting, rich and poor and war and peace. These conceptions are just the further deconstruction of the three main concerns. What is Humanity without love? Can laws control love? Is love really all you need or does it take a little cash?

These three concerns are like the Greek’s elements--earth wind and fire; or the Christian Trinity--The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost; or the Fire Triangle --Heat, Fuel and Oxygen; and Freud’s Ego, Super Ego and Id. All are a Tri-unity. For one element to exist all elements must exist. The Law is nature governed by thermodynamics—laws which only God could understand. Natural Law gave order to chaos and life was created. Created Culture. Humanity for survival formed friendship, families, tribes, states and nations. War ensured that these relationships stayed intact. And someone went to work to feed the bodies and souls of all these growing civilizations. Then Economy completed the Tri-unity.

For Humanity to exist there must be Law to ride herd on the darker instincts of man and there must be an Economy that transfers energy from nature to consumable goods. For Humanity to exist it must consume nature. All economies are concerned with creating the best system to covert natural resources into usable goods. The Laws of nature will always limit this consumption. This Tri-unity will work best in a way where each concern is at a balance and has the least effect on the other elements.

So you can see that deconstructing western thought is simple because like most tangible and non-tangible things--thought is composed of parts. It is just a matter of disassembling the machine, then examining each part--those that are found in good order can be reinstalled and the old and worn ideas will be replaced with new and better thoughts.

I will begin with the Law

Next time on Deconstructing Western Thought

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